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LindPro is a well-established luxury renovation company based in Teddington specialising in high-end renovation & construction projects.

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About Us

About Us

About LindPRO
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High-End Luxury Residential Renovation Company in London..

Lindpro is a luxury property renovation company in London and Greater London that boasts a portfolio of high-end completed projects ranging from interior designs and architectural services to project management and refurbishment and building.

L i n d P r o L u x u r y R e n o v a t i o n

About LindPro

Lindpro is a London based building firm with 19 years of experience in the heart of the city that continues to inspire their projects.

The company comprises of certified craftsmen and management professionals with cross-disciplinary experience who boast a longstanding working relationship with clients across the capital. For over 19 years, Lindpro has offered custom construction solutions with an innovative approach at the heart of everything they undertake.